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Hey Y’all! My name is Laura but everyone who knows me, calls me by my childhood nickname “Boo”. Boos backyard was the name lovingly given by my daughters and biggest fans, Demi and Rianne, to my two and a half acres of landscaped yard. I have always loved getting my hands in the dirt anyway possible! I am a self taught gardener (by trial and error) and I run a solo operation with just a shovel and a wheelbarrow (Boo’s backyard boy John helps on occasion).

My passion for gardening has developed over the years with most of those years being in my current spot since 2005. Starting as a blank canvas, I have now created a magical oasis! As of late, my gardening passion has turned into a full-blown obsession with cut flowers! Since 2020 I have more than quadrupled my production of beautiful blooms, and I love to get these unusual varieties into your hands. The flowers in Boo’s backyard Boo-quets are local, backyard grown, handpicked, and created with love.

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