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"Do more of what you love, to love the life you live."


My name is Laura but everyone who knows me, calls me by my childhood nickname “Boo”.

Located in

Northwest Georgia. 

"Boo-quets" are one of a kind creations with flowers from my very own backyard!

Boo-quets are backyard grown, handpicked, and created with love. 


Now offering!!! Flower bar

Flower bar options are now being offered from Boo's backyard!

Do you want to host a special event with whimsy and a personal touch your guest will never forget? 

Summer Flower Share Subscriptions

Bi-Weekly Flower Share $100

Homegrown, handpicked Boo-quet every 2 weeks for 8 weeks! (A total of 4 Boo-quets)


Weekly Flower Share- $150

Homegrown, handpicked Boo-quet every week for 8 weeks! (A total of 8 Boo-quets)


Included is one quart mason jar filled to the brim with gorgeous summer flowers including zinnias, cosmos, strawflower, feverfew, hydrangeas, sunflowers, globe amaranth, rudbeckia, dahlias, basil, and more!


This will be a first come first serve basis. If you will be out of town on a week that falls on your flower share week, your week can be changed no problem. Just let me know so you have time to enjoy you blooms!


If you buy in to this flower share…thank you thank you! These subscriptions help me bring you all the blooms! Seeds, jars, soil, and more are being planned and ordered now to grow, expand, and share the love of flowers with you!


Summer 2024

Seasonal boo-quets available spring, summer and fall. Beautiful locally grown, backyard seasonal blooms based on availability of the season.


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